Apocalypse Style 810 Resin Drip Tip
  • Apocalypse Style 810 Resin Drip Tip

Apocalypse Style 810 Resin Drip Tip

Apocalypse gen 2 rda is so hot. Aimcig made resin drip tip for apocalypse rda. Standard 810 thread vape drip tips for wholesale.
Product parameters
Model Type: Drip Tip
Material: Resin
Weight: 5g
Feature: Apocalypse gen 2 style
Package: PE bag
Electronic cigarettes are so hot. New rdas are released on vape market every week. No matter the original rda or clone rda. There are many 810 thread vape rda available on market. Kennedy series rda, popular and they are 810 thread vape rdas

In the end of 2016, apocalypse gen 2 rda becomes so hot and so many ecig hardware manufacturers produced this great atomizer. But most of the factories produce it with a black drip tip like the original one. It is a kind of plastic material. Apocalypse resin drip tip, standard 810 thread vape drip tips.

 Aimcig produced this apocalypse resin drip tip based on customers' suggestion and idea. Especially for the resin color choice. 
Aimcig wholesale this 810 thread resin drip tip with a great price. For the color that will be sent, it is by chance. 

You can order from Aimcig salespeople through email. 
You can order from Aimcig DHgate online store
You can order from Aimcig Lovebuyinghere online store. 

It is 810 thread drip tip, no doubt that it could be used to many other 810 
. This is totally decided by consumers. 

Want to get these beautiful resin apocalypse drip tip for your vape store? 

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