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Electronic cigarettes are getting more and more popular all over the world. Vaping is a new kind of life style. As you know, for example in US, no matter at the restaurants, streets, bars, homes, vaping is everywhere. 


Internet is the channel to connect us together. Maybe you are vape wholesalers, distributors, resellers, shop owners, or just a vaper. We warmly welcome everyone that intend to cooperate with us-Aimcig. Some are good at communicating with Chinese vape sales people. For some new to vape business, maybe you are not experienced enough to start the business with us. Not a problem. We are experienced in this industry and let you know how to make that happen. 


1. How to order?

We welcome your wholesale orders directly send to email: aimcig@163.com. Our sales people will make out PI(Proforma Invoice) for your confirmation. Please tell us your model quantity, color and some other details if needed. 

You can visit our wholesale online store: www.lovebuyinghere.com and order there. 


2. How about MOQ?

Yes. There is MOQ for wholesale order. The shipping cost will be relatively cheaper if order with larger quantity. Our own factory made products, MOQ for wholesale is 100pcs; On lovebuyinghere, MOQ is 20pcs. 


3. How about the lead time/delivery time?

Usually it cost us 1-5 working days to finish your order production. Mainly related to your order quantity. We do our best to save time and ship out as soon as possible. When ship out to our forwarder, tracking number will be offered to you in one day later. For order quantity more than 500pcs each model, we confirm the production and shipping time by communication. 


4. What is the shipping method/shipping time?

For your order, we choose the best shipping method for you. Usually, HKDHL, HKUPS, CNFEDEX, CNEMS will be choosed for wholesale orders. Shipping time is 3-7 days. 


5. How about shipping cost?

It is understandable for the person new to ecig business to care about this question. Shipping cost is related to your buying quantity. It is calculated by the total weight of the ecig products. We know how much it will cost based on what and how many you order. 


6. How about the payment?

We accept bank transfer, western union, paypal. The best payment method will be choosed based on your order amount. Normally, bank transfer is the cheapest way if amount is more than $2000. 


7. How about the return policy?

Firstly we supply high quality vape products. At the same time, if there is any defectives, we send you replacements in your next order based on your video to show the quality problem. 


8. Is there any discount if we build long-term cooperation relationship?

Surely yes! We will give you discount on your half year cooperation order. Meanwhile, free samples will be offered in your order if needed. 


9. How do I order the products that do not listed in your catalogs? 

Yes, it is possible. Each company has their strength. And there are thousands of vape products on this market, we can not supply you all of them. But you can tell us the items you needed, if we can help you purchase them, we will let you know and save you time. 



If you are still confused about how to order, or you have other questions need to be answered, welcome to leave us a message and your feedback is highly appreciated. Thank you!


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