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Goon Resin Drip Tip
  • Goon Resin Drip Tip
  • Goon Resin Drip Tip

Goon Resin Drip Tip

810 thread resin drip tip for 810 threading ecig atomizers. Aimcig made goon v1.5 rda resin drip for wholesale. Assorted color beautiful resin drip tips.
Resin drip tips get popular and more people want to have one for their favorite ecig atomizers. No doubt that there are many manufacturers design and produce ecig atomizers with a resin drip tip or ultem drip tip

Aimcig made 
this goon resin drip tip, it is the same size with the drip tip for goon v1.5 rda. In reality, it could be used to many other 810 threading e-cig atomizers. 

Assorted colors available for choice and large quantity in stock for wholesale. 

Beautiful color and nice machine work.

Colors are suggested by our customers. 

Contact our sales people to place an order for your customers! 

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