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8th January 2017 Vape Giveaway Result

Aimcig is a hardware manufacturer in China, produce and wholesale e-cigarettes to the world. Aimcig starts the first giveaway on 8th, January 2017. 

Four days later, 210 comments, 416 shares, video diaplay for 3363 times, 9306 people were covered. Meanwhile, Aimcig public page gets 147 likes to the total 694 likes. In the description, Aimcig told that tag three vape friends, in reality, for all the comments, three friends at least were taged, estimated that about 1000 people were taged in total. This is a great success! Thank you so much for all of your participation, passion, sharing, commenting and likes!

For this trial, there are five lucky ones as bellow:
1. Игорь Малышев
Do not know his English name, sorry! He is the first one to like, comment, share. This is the reason for him to win. Aimcig always offer the product for the first one. If the first one repeated in the future, we choose the second one.

2. David Holland Jr 
Amazing that he shared 78 times to his own page, even through we though that it is much better if 78 different vape groups. Aimcig appreciate it. 

3. Jessica Dobbins 
Femail. She shared to 13 different vape groups and taged 14 vape friends. 

4. Brooke Rose
Femail. She taged 15 vape friends, and shared 8 times to her own facebook page.

5. Simon Perkins 
No one tell him to tag as many as he can, but taged 34 vape friends and winned 3 likes for his tags.

This is a start. There will be more giveaways in the future. Congratulations for those who winned the chance to do a review for the mods. As the request, use and review for the mod, upload to youtube and facebook groups. 

All the five names are facebook names. Kindly contact us asap to tell us the shipping info, and we will arrange the shipment soon. 

There are so many other fans shared, commented many times too. For example: Maria Elana Garcia, Billy Ayers, Catherine Mosley Holland , etc. And so many fans did as the description. Thank you so much for all your participation. In the near future, you will get discount for shopping when our retail vape store is available. 

The first time to do a giveaway. Appreciate that if you have any suggestion or good idea. Just let us know!

Thank you again! Wish all of you a great vape life! 

Shenzhen Aimcig Technology Co., Ltd
12th, January 2017
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