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How to Ship Ecigs to the Middle East Safely?

Ecigs are popular in some Middle East countries, like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE(especialy for Dubai). The governments do not support vaping products make it difficult for ecigs import. [Including other reasons]

Let us see one of the vaping guys from the Middle East: "I started vaping a year ago with mostly egos and cheap Chinese ecigs and i really want to upgrade to a nice set up. The problem is that i'm in the middle east and vaping is almost nonexistent in my country." [Said in 2015] I do believe this is not the only vaping guys who suffers the problem. 

This does not mean you can not buy ecigs in Middle East market. Even through ecigarettes are illegal or legal(Different countries have different laws for ecigs), vaping is acceptable and visible on Middle East market. Online sales makes that possible. The question is where does the ecigs come from? 

There is no doubt that most of the ecigs come from China. How did the vape shops or big wholesalers get the ecigs from China? It is easy for ecigs shipping to UAE, there are many buyers and sellers know this. Aramex is one of the choice for Kuwait, Saudi Arabia(SA) and some other Middle East countries. Is it safe? Yes, almost safe! Sometimes you can not get the products from your customs through you shipped ecigs via Aramex for many times. What is more, you even do not know when your ecigs package(s) will be stopped by your customs.

You may ask: Is there any safe way to ship ecigs to the Middle East? Or how to ship ecigs to the Middle East safely? The answer is Yes. Aimcig help you solve this problem. 

Aimcig ship ecigs to UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain. Buyers do not need to pay tax and do not worry about customs problem.

UAE: About 4 working days for shipping.

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait: About 12-15 working days for shipping. 

Bahrain: About 12-15 working days for shipping. But packages need to be at least 100 kilos. 

Aimcig solved shipping problem to these countries. You may wondering how about the shipping cost. It is depend on the order quantity. In reality, shipping cost is related to the total quantity, no matter ship to which country. 

Some people may think: That is great! @Aimcig, you are well done! But do you ship batteries to my country? This is really based on specific countries. 

UAE, Kuwait: No problem for shipping batteries there.

Bahrain: No problem for shipping batteries there based on 100 kilos at least.

Saudi Arabia: Not Available

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