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Is There Any Safe Way to Ship Ecigs to Thailand?

Seller: How is your vape selling in your shop? 

Buyer: It is very good! Thanks

Seller: How many pcs for each model of your purchasing? 

Buyer: 30pcs, 50pcs, for some vape accessories, 100pcs like that. 

Buyer: What is your shipping method?

Seller: Our company use EMS/DHL/Fedex.[Many sellers said that Fedex is good]

Buyer: Fedex seized

E-cigarette gets more and more popular in Thailand. Just like hot ecig market in the Middle East countries. [How to ship ecigs to the Middle East safely?] Many people are attracted to start ecig business. That is cool! However, "seized" is another popular word in Thailand. Is there any safe way to ship ecigs to Thailand?

The answer is YES. Aimcig has the safe way to ship ecigs to Thailand. Buyers do not need to worry about Thailand customs seize their packages any more. For this shipping method, cost about one week for shipping, this is longer than Fedex. If you are sure no problem with Fedex, Fedex will be your good choice. For the shipping cost, it is a little higher than Fedex costs, depends on accurate weight.

All in all, Aimcig solved e-cigarette shipping problem to Thailand. Congratulations! Meanwhile, Aimcig wish all ecig resellers in Thailand a prosperous business! 

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